Credit Information

Database Cost for a Standard Search Cost for an Advanced Search or SmartSearch™ Cost to View a Full Record or Image
BMD Registers FREE 1 credit (50p) 5 credits (£2.50)


Viewing a full record/page image you have seen within the last 30 days costs no credits.

Why are the credits priced at 50p?

The variation in images, styles and formats has meant that in many cases the records have to be scanned manually. The transcription of these records is also difficult due to the variation in format and content. This has resulted in high project costs.

Cost of using the service

The total amount you spend in order to get the information you require will obviously vary depending on which features you use to get there. e.g. If you do a standard search and then are able to tell which is the correct person from the results list and decide only to view the full record, it will cost a total of 5 credits. However, if you do an advanced census search (1 credit) then view the full transcript record (5 credits) then also decide to view the original page image (5 credits) the total would cost 11 credits (£5.50). Of course, you will have saved time and credits by not viewing other records and you have got a .pdf of the orignal page for your documentation.

Please be aware that credits have no monetary value and are a means of covering the cost of providing the service and ensuring fair access.